Copper / Tubing


Our product covers Plumbing, Drainage, Gas, Refrigeration, Hvac and OEM applications. With the highest quality standards, and on ongoing commitment to maintain these standards, our tube products are asked for and sold in more than 30 countries.

Nitrogen charged tube for HVAC and Refrigeration applications.

Refrigeration copper tubing conforms to the ASTM-B280 specifications and is made of copper grade C12200. It is easy to work with and exhibits excellent thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and durability. It can be applied in various innovative scenarios to maximize performance and sustainability.

Nitrogen charged treatment for condenser copper tubes prevents oxidation, removes impurities, tests pressure, and prevents condensation, ultimately allowing copper tubing to better handle oxidation and corrosion for longer periods, thereby giving air conditioners and refrigeration a longer lifespan.

Straight Tube

Tulstar Products - Straight Copper Tubing
Temper : O, OL, H, 1/2H
Size: 6mm - 307.98mm (6mm ~ 12-⅛"OD)
Incising available
Packing : Bundle/Wooden Box
Length: Various

Level Wound Coil

Tulstar Products - level wound copper coil

Temper: O, OL, H
Size : 4.76mm ~ 28.58mm (3/16"OD ~ 1-1/8"OD)
Incising available
Packing : Bobbin (Reel) / No-Bobbin (Eye-to-sky)
Coil weight : 110Kg ~ 300Kg (240 Ib ~ 660 lb)

Soft Coils = Pancake Coil

Tulstar Products - Soft Coil - Pancake Coil Copper Tubing

Temper: O
Size : 6.35mm-28.58mm (1/4"OD~1-1/8"OD)
Length : Standard 15m / 30m / 50ft / 60ft / 100ft
Incising & Ink Marking available
Packing : NWM Carton box, Plastic wrap + label,

Outer Cap / Inner Cap

UL 700 psi Certified Refrigeration Coil

ASTM B280: Seamless Copper Tube for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service.

Tulstar Products -  Seamless Copper Tube
B280 Straight Tube – Standard – Type K
Pancake Coil
Soft Coil B280 – ACR/Type L – Standard
Soft Coil B280 – Type K – Heavy Coil
Soft Coil – B730 – Economy