Tulstar is an industrial oil supplier that has helped a wide variety of industries, including personal care, large power industry , and refrigerant businesses, by supplying key ingredients for manufacture. Since 1986, we have focused our efforts on providing the products our clients need and offering specialty packaging and timely delivery. We distribute approximately 30 million pounds of oil annually!

Lubricant Oils and Additives

We offer a comprehensive supply package for our lubricant and blending customers. We work with your requirements from base oils to chemical additives. Our team in Tulsa, OK, works to complement your development efforts to create the right product for your company.

Specialty Oils

Specialty oil markets require the experience of a knowledgeable partner. For more than 20 years, we have been guiding our large power customers through the transformer oil market and supplying them with other industrial specialty oil product options to meet their needs. In addition, we specialize in custom packaging and field fill delivery for industrial transformer installations.

Synthetic Offerings

Our synthetic base stocks offer the low volatility required to perform in the harshest of temperatures. Our molecules are produced in small batches to provide the consistency and customization required for your blending needs. Our polyalphaolefins (PAOs) can be used in a range of lubricants. Our PAOs provide a high viscosity index with low toxicity and increased stability to anchor your lubricant formulations.

Call us today to inquire about additional sourcing requests. We’re dedicated to finding the best product solution for your individual requirements, no matter the industry you’re in.