About us

Expertise in the Chemical and Oil Industries

Tulstar is on the cutting-edge of new chemical and oil applications. As global chemical and oil distributors, we constantly research the newest and most effective products. This website gives an overview of our most commonly requested and asked about products. If you prefer a personal approach, our experts are on hand to answer your questions and help you find the chemicals or oils you are looking for. Contact us anytime with comments or questions.

We Work for You

Tulstar strives to provide superior service regardless of your chemical or oil needs. If you require product storage, we can arrange it. If you need immediate product shipment, we deliver on time. Whatever your chemical or oil need, we find the best option at the lowest price possible.

About Our Company

Since 1986 Tulstar has been a leader in wholesale industrial chemical and oil distribution. Our extensive experience in these industries stands behind our impeccable service throughout the United States and abroad. Whether you are a buyer or distributor, Tulstar gives you personalized attention and trusted expertise. We’re small enough to assure the closest attention and experienced enough to deliver on our word.