Transformer Oils

Transformer Oils


Transformer Oil

– Refined from naphthenic crude, Tulstar’s transformer oil is severely hydrotreated to produce a highly refined mineral oil that provides both stability at high temperature and excellent electrical insulating capabilities.


*All oils meet or surpass ASTM D3487

NON-PCB  *All oils conform to the latest corrosive sulfur standards and are certified PCB-free.

Delivery Capabilities:

  • Field Fill Specialists (35 years’ experience)
  • Just-in-time Delivery
  • Export Specialists: Tulstar routinely exports Transformer Oil to several Global destinations

Transformer Oil Services:

  • Storage
  • Transportation
  • Used Oil Purchasing
  • Used Oil Disposal
  • Tulstar offers a variety of Transformer Oil Services. For more information please see Services.

Packaging and Delivery Capabilities:

  • Railcars
  • Tank Trucks
  • Totes (330 gallon & 275 gallon)
  • Drums
  • Flexi Bags

For additional information, please contact your Tulstar sales representative.