Refined Naphthalene

Refined Naphthalene– Refined from crude, naphthalene is a crystalline, aromatic, white powder. Naphthalene is most commonly known as the primary ingredient in mothballs.

Synonyms: Coal tar camphor; Tar camphor; Naphthalin; White tar; Naphthene; Moth flakes; Moth balls.

CAS: 91-20-3


  • • Surfactant – May be used in the agricultural, textile or fabric industries.
  • • Fumigant that may be used in pesticides (such as mothballs)
  • • Special Effects and Pyrotechnics – Naphthalene produces a large explosion of black smoke that may be used for movies or military training.
  • • Chemical Intermediate

Packaging: Tulstar repackages all naphthalene in a reinforced fiber board box. Our Tulstar packaging helps to contain the pungent odor associated with naphthalene allowing our customers easier storage.